A series of well-thought, polished arrangement push Like Crazy into new sonic heights with Forget the World. Greg Pearse (vocals/guitars), Sara Ternyila (vocals), and Dennis Wilson (drums) serve us five fresh pop rock pieces.

The trio opens the album with Secret. Gear up that earphones and turn up the volume as surf rock melodies bathes the ears in sonic goodness. The tandem of male and female vocals add variety and flair to the track.

When She Comes Around is the perfect backdrop in a lazy afternoon. Grab a book, sip some coolers, and let the chill melodies of this song take you into your own zone.

Bask in some acoustic play-ups with We Can Be Anything. Greg Pearse’s earthly vocals brutes with so much emotion. While Kiss Me Sober closes the album in a soft, steady note. Let each well-penned line sink through your skin as male and female vocals build a well-blended chemistry.

For those looking for feel-good music for driving or relaxing, Forget the World is the perfect album for you as it brims with accessible tunes that brings warmth in every note.

Track List:
1. Secret
2. When She Comes Around
3. This Is So
4. We Can Be Anything
5. Kiss Me Sober

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