Armed with sweet and powerful vocals, Chantilly’s Up To the Moon EP booms and crashes like the Brooklyn singer’s sunny and quirky disposition. This is one of those compilations that automatically makes you smile and feel elated even if you’re listening to it the first time.

Up To the Moon EP is a compilation of 5 self-written tracks. This is a first for the singer and it’s easy to tell that that she definitely has something up her sleeve. Her vocals and witty lyrics echo of lost loves, memorable summer times and of course, a general self-reflection that can only come from the mind of a witty and fun loving girl.

Starting the short, vibrant EP is Escape; a guitar driven number that introduces you to the singer’s idyllic world. A mix of folk indie pop, the track best represents the world of Chantilly. Filled with soaring crashes, violins and honest, heartfelt lyrics; it’s easy to feel happy and in love together with the singer.

Meanwhile, Just the Way You Are is in many ways a typical love track by a girl disillusioned by young love. It’s also filled with handclaps, fun choruses and a catchy rhythm; something you’d probably end up singing along without much notice. In the War, showcases a quieter side of the singer. Filled with reflective lyrics and a slight folkish drawl, the track is beautiful and sentimental and puts forward Chantilly’s vocals best.

Up To the Moon EP is a compilation capturing a young woman’s personal reflections on life and love. It has its peak and trough, which in many ways is just perfect.  Grab the download over at BandCamp and enjoy!

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