They may be from Ukraine, but that doesn’t mean they can only conquer their own country; Jabberheads are here to rule the airwaves with their album, “Stories Collection.” This album is amazingly beautiful. Packed with 10 Indie Rock tracks that you will surely love, whether or not you are a fan of the genre. Jabberheads does not only concentrate on the said genre, this album also exhibits some astonishing acoustic guitar play and body bouncing bass thud. You can say that they’re into some Acoustic and Reggae, but I think the synthesis of genres developed into only one thing, the “Jabberheads’ Rock.”

“Stories Collection” was released just this October 21, 2009. This fresh album is Jabberheads’ first. Besides from having an enchanting female vocalist, the band is very experimental with their sound. Her voice is indeed complementary with the instruments. This album is very untraditional and interesting. Who says Experimental bands don’t get noticed?

The tracks of “Stories Collection” are


1. Pa Pa Ra Pa Pa
2. About Walls
3. Love Me, Love My Umbrella
4. Pie in The Sky
5. Made in Rain
6. The Kite
7. Falling Angels
8. Years Ago
9. Once in a While
10. Lullaby

“Stories Collection” can undoubtedly bring Jabberheads to the high point success in the music industry. They are truly inimitable and definitely have established their own sound and style. Given the right break and the right exposure, this band will rise above every competition and will continue to create great songs.

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