Like most bands, Swimming is a fusion of various musicians who belong to different bands. Regardless of their different projects, this 7-track EP still beams with beautiful cohesion.

The band itself is made up of Brian Kupillas – guitar, vox, Max Glenn – bass, vox, Jared Hennessy – guitar, vox and Neil Lord – drums.

Mixing laid back, feel-good music with a surf rock vibe, you get an EP that radiates with great songs; perfect for times you want to hang out with friends and family and simply relax.

Opening strong with the indie surfer song Swan Dive; the track is a mix of jangly guitars, upbeat drumming and some hazy vocals that will make you want to do some serious head bobbing. Thanks to the catchy rhythm, it’s easy to make this one an instant favorite. Frends (sic) follows this closely. It’s has a similar beat as the opening track and in fact, it seems to be an extension of this one. You won’t even know they’re totally different cuts if not for the slight gap.

Meanwhile, Summer Turtleneck, makes me think of those songs played in the finale of romantic movies where the lead characters finally get together and end the movie with a happy ending. Time is the only track in the record that switches gears. It’s slower and more melodic than the rest of the songs. Finally, the EP is capped off by The Lawn, a song that somewhat belongs in the 60s or late 50s pop song era.

Although the album isn’t as polished, the raw, sometimes “dirty” sound makes the record even more interesting. The vocals and instrument work perfectly to round it off; making it an enjoyable EP throughout. Take a listen and grab the download.

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