Mini Golf Matchup is one of the most addictive mobile golf games available. Published by Scopely, it allows even non-golfers to enjoy a few rounds of golf on their iOS or Android and go up against their friends anywhere on the planet. This isn’t really a simulation but a fun take on the game with lots of courses, holes and obstacles.

Mini Golf Matchup has five unique courses and there are more than 70 holes to try out your skills and patience. In addition the game has a lot of obstacles that you need to go through, and you can hook up with your friends via Twitter and Facebook. What makes the game even more enjoyable is you can chat with friends while playing, adding a nice social aspect to everything.

The graphics are very nice, and the drag and release controls make it easy to pick up. That being said, the ball movement is based on real physics, so it’s not going to be a piece of cake. For those who play golf, this will be a lot of fun, but don’t worry if you don’t know much, since there are tips to help you get to par.

The graphics are in full 3D and one of the best on mobile yet, and the creative courses are very challenging and fun. For those who are looking for a good golf game for their smartphone or tablet, this is as good as it gets right now. The smooth graphics, engaging gameplay and the ability to challenge make Mini Golf Matchup a winner.

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