Microgolf Masters by TripleFun is mini golf game that combines elements of leisure and tactical play. Even if you don’t play golf in real life, Microgolf is fun and easy to play especially with friends in multiplayer mode online and try to sink that ball in.

There are four modes: single player, tournament, 4 players and the season. The Solo mode is for single player, and the goal is to finish six holes in as few moves as you can, and the top four advance. The Season mode is comprised of 18 leagues. Everyone starts at the 18th and your goal is to advance until you reach the first league called the Masters.

The meat of the game for most however, is when you compete against another player one on one. These are usually best of three sessions where your goal is to try and put the ball in the hole. This is tough enough, but what makes it even more so is the obstacles that are in your way.

The game plays in real time in multiplayer, and as you advance you’ll get the chance to advance to the bigger tournaments. For all the challenges, Microgolf Masters is easy to get into thanks to the simple pull and release scheme.

What makes this even better is you pull from the center of your display, meaning you won’t run out of screen space when setting up your shot. Unlike real golf, Microgolf Masters is the type of game you can play in short bursts and there’s a lot of replay value since you play against random opponents.

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