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Koobits ebook reader from can be used to store Epub and PDF e-books, but more than that it provides a great deal of interactivity that other ebook readers cannot match. Its own KBJ format allows it to display games and other media content, and it comes with free ebooks to boot.


When you first launch the program the book-like interface pops up and from there you will be taken to My Library. If this is your first time to use it, a tool tip will appear explaining how to add and create folders and categories to hold your books. Koobits’ main window looks like a library with shelves showing the covers of the books there.

At the left panel, you will also see the categories you created as well as Local Books, Paid Books, and Free Books. The program will remember what you read and make recommendations based on them. The free books option comes up first when you start the program. When you download a book, just click the cover and you can start reading.

Not only does the typeface and design look like a real book, but the page turning is pretty cool too. There is a toolbar with tools so you can crop images, bookmark a section and do other things. As you start to read, the free ebooks that Koobits will recommend will be placed in your drop box that you can read.

Koobits is a great free ebook reader. It does what it’s supposed to, and it takes just seconds to download your next text. If you love to download ebooks and read them, this is for you.

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