Balloon Diaspora is a short but really fun point and click game made by, Jake Elliot, creator of Kentucky Route Zero. The game exudes a Myst-like vibe, cool graphics and awesome music, courtesy of Oliver Blank. The game is simple, short but there’s still some fun to be had despite the barely 15 minutes of gameplay. In Balloon Diaspora, you play a stranded chap in an unknown and mysterious place. You’re going to have to fix the balloon to get out.¬†Fixing your ride means you need to talk to the locals and have them help you find patches of cloth to repair the balloon.

This game is short and simple, perfect game to squeeze in your mini break.

The game lets you play a mysterious character who wakes up in an unknown land and a deflated air balloon closeby. Thanks to a friendly chap named, Silas. You are on your way to finding six patches that will help fix your balloon. Silas acts as your guide in showing you around the areas near the balloon. He also helps you meet the people that can give you the patches to repair it.

Playing the game is rather simple. In some occasions, there’s no need to actually solve any puzzles since you could easily get the patch by simply talking to the right person. Some locals might ask you to do chores for them in exchange for a piece of cloth or two.

Balloon Diaspora trailer from Cardboard Computer on Vimeo.

No difficult, mind-bending puzzles here but just straightforward gaming. The one thing that saves it from being a bore though is the beautiful graphics and moody sound. The dialog is also another thing that brings the game to life rather than having it flatlining in boredom.

Despite its simplicity, the game is worth checking out. It’s available for free download on Cardboard Computer but you have the option to buy the paid versions with a few extra goodies. Give the game a try.

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