From the creators of Band of Rogues comes another stellar collection with The Great Divide. With a hefty set of eleven tracks, Stella Stagecoach treats us with cinematic and alternative folk musings.

Formed in 2009, Stella Stagecoach is comprised by brothers Matthew and Tim Morgan. The band originally created pure instrumental music to be used for film making projects, but eventually added lyrics to their melodies.

I Can Hear the Sound opens the album with a lot of drum and piano gloss. Earthly, strong vocals singing well-penned lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia. Jumping atop playful piano keys, First Times boasts saccharine melodies that will soften anyone’s heart.

A little piece of folk gem, title track The Great Divide stands out with polished vocals and soft cooing ukelele melodies. Press play and let this piece brighten those gloomy days.

In Catalina Island, the band explores on the right build up and escalation of melodies to intensify their cinematic tendencies. The blend of male and female vocals add a sweet, and vibrant flair to the track.

High Above wraps up the collection with classic instrumentation that escalates to ethereal heights. The subtle drum beats and extending violin harmonies make an ideal backdrop to the emotionally-delivered lines.

Stella Stagecoach manages to touch deep into our cores, transporting the listeners to a whimsical, out-of-body experience.

Track List:
1. I Can Hear the Sound
2. First Times
3. We Have the Light
4. The Great Divide
5. He Won’t Stop
6. What Have I Done
7. Stars
8. The Night the Angels Cried
9. Paper Crown
10. Catalina Island
11. High Above

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