Even Love is Bigger in Texas is an EP meant to share kindness to the People of West, Texas. Inspired by the will and urge to aid their people, the album is full of punk alternative music. The songs are very modern and the vocals would make you think as if this EP belongs to the Fall Out Boys or Panic at the Disco.

Hailing from South East Texas, Dear You is a dynamic four-piece rock band. With infectious rhythms and emotional lyrics, Dear You has caught the attention of music lovers and, inch by inch, conquering the indie landscape.

Opening with a strong crowd pleaser, Journals treats us with upbeat and pulsating rhythms. This song can be the anthem of your ordinary day. With it’s organic arrangement and energy, it could easily impress any music aficionado.

On the other hand, Annie earns its spot as one of the best songs in this EP. It’ll take you on your feet like a hurricane swirling around a stale village.


Playing with textured guitars and a hooking tempo, August Almost Broke Me elicits a lot of head nodding. I am the Arrow is a gem in this catalog as it succeeds in its sheer vigor of music. It is definitely the best way to end an EP.

Even Love is Bigger in Texas is surely bigger than any other albums out there. So download, press play, and let sheer awesomeness come your way.

Track List:
1. Journals
2. Bridges
3. If You’d Ask Me To
4. Annie
5. 16 Miles
6. The Way That You Left Me
7. Down The Street
8. August Almost Broke Me
9. I Am The Arrow

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