Pangalatic is a post-rock band from New Haven, Connecticut. All songs are written and performed by Josh Coppola (guitar), Dan Steele (bass), and Spencer O’Doy (drums). They compose of atmospheric sounds with which, it’s important not only to listen to the music, but think about it and feel it.

Pangalatic comes filled with sounds that you will want to listen to on Sunday – laid back in your room. Re-Entry Blues, the first song from the EP, has a vibrant sound, where the guitar traps almost all the space, and in the background you can listen the slight bet of the drums.


In Gilgamesh, the last song, the music combines with human voices making you feel like you are in an ancestral state, in an ancient rite. The song’s name and its music coincide in the ancient tone because Gilgamesh is the name of an earlier Sumerian poem, considered the first great work of literature.

Track List:
1. Re-Entry Blues
2. Jumping Ship
3. Gilgamesh

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