‘Love matters’ so much that it has driven Wild Kids to come up with a fun debut EP.

The Winnipeg-based duo, composed of Devin Frezzi on vocals and percussion and Sid Bellinger on guitars and bass, recently released the pompous collection Love Matters, and it sounds like 80s pop set to dubstep.

Burnout” commences the madness with its incessant use of percussion and the octapad, which they are proud to be using. Nonetheless, the track gives us this uneasy feeling that they might be giving Mark Foster and his pals a run for their money.

Segueing after are the lite slow jam “Losing Touch”, the carefree “Freakshow”, and the catwalk-ready “Take a Little Bit”, all of which are sexy tracks that could’ve easily come out of the hottest DJ around or that new bar downtown.

Wild Kids

Love Matters”, the title track, ends the collection on a high note; it even showcases a hard breakdown at the chorus, which cements the distance this newbie band can go on producing their music. In a few months, we’ll probably see them collaborating with big acts already.

Wear those dresses and raise those cups, because the wild kids are in town!

Track listing:

  1. Burnout
  2. Losing Touch
  3. Freakshow
  4. Take a Little Bit
  5. Love Matters

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