English producer Kieran Hebden better known as Four Tet, has had enough of an impact on his genre by now to be declared a veteran. With his career spanning 18 years and 9 albums, his reputation as the ambassador between indie-rock and dance music is well-known and well-earned. On Randoms, a career-spanning compilation of unreleased tracks and extras, we are given a wide-angle view of the artist’s legacy and various musical phases.

What sets Four Tet apart from many of his contemporaries is the fact that his electronica feels human. Enveloped in all those layers of his machine-made sounds, we somehow discern and feel the man behind the music. Randoms, with all its bright and melodic tracks, brings this quality of Four Tet into sharp focus. The opener Moma, created in 2011 for a compilation to help relief efforts in the aftermath of the Japan tsunami, uses its delicate, glassy percussion to emulate a cool, meditative aura, as if encouraging listeners to seek serenity in the face of distress. Gillie Amma I love You, meanwhile, trembles with emotional potency, sampling a children’s choir to achieve its gorgeous ambiance. For These Times and Field, on the flip-side, are infectious, dance-floor bangers featuring heavy bass and strong, compelling rhythms. Randoms, in all, never for a moment feels like a compilation of throwaways – a testament to Four Tet’s prolific talent and artistry.

Favorite Tracks: Moma, Gillie Amma I Love You, Field

Track List
1. Moma 04:42
2. For These Times 04:59
3. Pockets (minimal version) 06:01
4. Gillie Amma I Love You 05:51
5. The Reservoir 05:21
6. Nothing To See 08:51
7. Field 05:32
8. Both When I Am Alone And When We Both Are 03:44
9. Castles Made Of Sand 03:41

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