POP Music by Gushito is something you can call audio marketing music, and there is no question that each of the tracks fit well in fashion shows, podcasts and even advertisements. Even so there is nothing to stop you from just listening to the songs and enjoying them, for they’re well produced pop dance numbers.

Save Me is probably the best song here, a perfect fusion of pop, dance, with upbeat rhythms and tempo suited for chilling out, background music for fashion runways or for anyone who wants to listen to good dance music. Tropical Minor Major is 8 minutes plus of pure summer music fun, with a reggae vibe and vibrant atmosphere that gives you a feeling you’re on some tropical island.

Rnb Mikigen has more of an R and B groove with some electronic beats, while Salute has a steady pulse, an energetic song with upbeat harmonies. The good vibes feel continues with ONN and La Run,  both with beats and rhythm to keep you moving without going too fast.

Bun infuses piano and sax together for a sexy, jazzy number, superb for chilling out or as a soundtrack. It is one of the most distinguishable tracks in the album and well worth a listen. Bless Kiss combines good pop sensibilities with some inspirational lyrics, while Hanubi features guitar strings and  has a sunny air about it.

Summer Memory is of course a summer song, and the theme and aura conjures images of relaxing with a beer in hand while watching a sunset. Rocking Silver is a remarkable pop rocker that’s danceable, while the closing song, Indie Flower, is powerful and comes at you full of energy.

Favorite Tracks
Save Me
Tropical Minor Major

Track List
1. Save Me 5:47
2. Tropical Minor Major 8:57
3. Rnb Mikigen 5:37
4. Salute 6:33
5. ONN 5:14
6. La Run 6:24
7. Bun 4:08
8. Bless Kiss 4:22
9. Hanubi 5:07
10. Summer Memory 4:05
11. Rock Silver 3:22
12. Indie Flower 4:20

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