In Hey Hello, Boston-based band Ripe continue evolving their delightful style of soulful dance music with an extra pound of Funk. At the same time, they purposefully subdue other aspects of their sonic signature in a favor of additional punch. The result is an album that sounds decidedly Ripe, albeit slightly different from their previous effort. In this case, the results are quite satisfactory.

The most noteworthy example of Ripe‘s newly found Funk infusion in the album is Goon Squad. A subtle, danceable guitar riff opens the way for a straightforward rhythm section and the fantastic singer the band has at its disposal. By the time the chorus kicks in, it all evolves in typical Ripe fashion with trumpets adorning the climax. Talk to the Moon starts like a Kings of Leon single with a muted guitar and some loud singing. However, it opens up after the minute mark into a fast-paced rain of instrumentation right before it effortlessly eases into a soothing verse. The song continues switching tempo and style all alone, showcasing just how versatile, creative and unpredictable the band can be.

Hey Hello is a solid sophomore effort for Ripe. They continue to expand their surprisingly danceable work by adding new details and delivering surprises every step of the way. Stay alert for more on this up-and-coming Boston act.

Favorite tracks: Talk to the Moon, Goon Squad.

Track list:
1. Brother Sky 03:28
2. Talk to the Moon 04:03
3. Goon Squad 05:17
4. Caralee 05:28

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