If you’ve had quite a day and just want to be taken adrift to some ‘far-away’ place, you better start listening to the Epilogues!

This York-based (English) duo composed of Mikey Donnelly and Joey Donnelly continue on their mission to deliver their own brand of folk to the masses, after starting off last year.

Their latest effort, The Cartographer, is a champion of sorts as it mixes poignant lyrics, beautiful guitar harmonies, and glossy production; sounds like Aqualung back then, if you guys still remember.

Eos” gets the ball rolling right away. In here, the Donnellys’ prowess instantly unfolds, as well as their music’s (I dare say this) therapeutic qualities. The rich texture they concoct flows to the next track, “The Art Of Being A“, which, though leaving the title incomplete, renders our appetite rather fulfilled.

epilogues band

These songs set the precedent for the succeeding entries, including the staff pick “E.“, and is a good emotional-cum-meditative soundtrack to linger upon.

You can’t go wrong with The Cartographer.

Track listing:
1. Eos
2. The Art Of Being A
3. Numerator
4. Atlas, At Last
5. Persephone
6. E.
7. Hands
8. The Cartographer

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