Dustin Thomas seems to be touring every single day. Always on the road; a traveller by choice. For most part performing as a solo-artist and in collaboration with Nahko and Medicine For The People, he performed alongside acts such as Soja, Xavier Rudd, Keller Williams, and Trevor Hall. His music puts people in a good mood, makes you step into yet another daydream, or simply gets you thinking – really thinking.


Watch The Water, Hold The Flame is a beautiful collection of eleven free tracks from the artist. They come with lots of intoxicating guitars all intertwined with the anthems of faith, love, society, and war. The album hopes to inspire you to act and to love. Dig deep. Press play and get those headphones on to get lost in this great acoustic, singer-songwriter album.

“Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love: International globe-trotter Dustin Thomas is making waves from Australia to Moscow with his infectious blend of beat-box/soul folk. Armed with a voice, a guitar and universal anthems of faith, love, and war; this young artist continues to inspire hearts around the world on his mission of music, joy, and peace.”

“For Bentley, for Uluru, for the Shire. For the Great Barrier Reef and sacred Arnhem land. For the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast. For Fukushima and the Kenai Peninsula. For Kawa’a, and for Mauna Kea. For the great Hawaiian Islands. For the dolphins, for the forests, for the oceans. For the children, for the elders, for the bees. For the Appalachian Mountains, for the Black Hills and the Boundary Waters. For the great free waters of our world- We sing.”

Track List:
1. One Way or Another 05:27
2. Sweethearts & Thieves 06:01
3. Marching Song 06:00
4. Frackwells 04:02
5. City Of Rain 06:20
6. Go Fire, Go Light 05:52
7. Your Love Is Water 05:14
8. Cinnamon & Sage 09:18
9. Awake, Rise, Shine 04:54
10. Be Love 07:34

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