Yidio is the app that makes your favorite movies and TV shows available on your iOS or Android device. Developed by Yidio LLC, this app makes it easy for you to browse and search for your favorite subscription and free apps including HBO GO, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Once you have Yidio installed, the app will notify you when new episodes of your favorite television shows have become available, and there are also features that give you the opportunity to explore and check out new shows and movies. There are several filters built in that makes it simple to go through the various features of the app.


If you’re the type who likes to watch TV shows and movies on mobile, Yidio will fit the bill, as its search and browse function makes tracking of these programs easy, and because Yidio is compatible with multiple devices you no longer have to worry about accessibility problems, so it works like a virtual movie / TV show assistant.

Yidio doesn’t just let you keep track of your favorite shows, but it will also keep you updated if there are clips or other news regarding your favorite programs online. Yidio by the way, works great with Netflix as you can use it to browse, add and remove items in the Instant Queue at Netflix. In other words, Yidio is the ideal app if you have a lot of free or paid subscription services, and it is easy enough for anyone to learn how to use.

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