Houzz Interior Design Ideas is an app for the Android and iOS that gives you access to all the content and design ideas and concepts of Houzz. If you like Houzz you will enjoy this app, but really it is for anyone who enjoys interior design. If you’re looking for inspiring concepts, this app can help.


Houzz Interior Design Ideas has a ton of photos that you can browse by style or room, and there are plenty of images too for landscaping content, pools, patios, exterior shots and many more. Each image on the app comes complete with data about the designer and its location.

Users of Houzz can also ask questions about the design, and there’s even a Find a Pro feature to help you find designers and professionals nearby if you feel like giving your home a makeover. Also, you can save the images on the app in an Ideabook, which can serve as your source of inspiration. The app also has a discussion forum where you can chat with other users and ask design questions. While there are a lot of features, Houzz is actually easy to use and you won’t have problems navigating the interface even if you’re completely new to Houzz.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas is very easy to use, and it was made especially for those who are looking to renovate but don’t know where to start. But even if you’re happy with your home design, this is still worth a download for the images and information.

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