XCode is a free application from Apple that will give programmers and developers all the tools they need to create quality apps for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. There are a lot of interesting and useful features here, but the integrated user interface makes coding, debugging and testing a breeze. And that is just for starters.


The XCode IDE will assess your project’s details and point out errors if there are any. In fact, the application’s analyzer is so effective that it can check both the logic and syntax helping you with fixing any errors, a handy feature that can save you a lot of time.

In addition to that the application has a host of other helpful features such as iOS and OS X SDKs, the iOS simulator, Instruments, LLVM compiler and many more. There are literally hundreds of features here, but fortunately they’re very accessible.

One of the more impressive elements in XCode is the Interface Builder, as it is completely integrated within the IDE, while the Assistant keeps tab of what you are working on right now whether it is a UI preview, superclass or header. XCode also comes with its own Version editor for source code comparison, and the Live Issues will point out the mistakes you are making as you go along, a very useful feature so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to look for errors.

XCode is a powerful application and has all the features you’d need to create a robust application. It does what it says it would, and more.

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