Don’t be fooled by her sweet persona and her playfulness, because Tara Priya is so much more than that.

The London bureau of BBC calls her voice something that “you just need to hear,” and why not? Tara is half-Persian, half-Indian, and all soul. The California-based songstress has been listening to ’60s pop ever since she was a tot. Priya cites Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Etta James, and even Tupac Shakur as some of her influences, which probably resulted in the diverse yet accessible brand of music that she currently possesses.

Her self-titled debut EP, Tara Priya, is a testament of all the hard work and perseverance she’s summoned thru the years. Released in 2012, the 11-track collection shot up to Japan’s charts, as well garnering praise from Europe. It was hailed by Time Magazine as a “summer pop hit.” Surely, all of these aren’t said without a reason.

From Motown to the uptown, Tara Priya’s one feisty act to watch out for.

Track listing:
1. Run Like Hell
2. Rollin’
3. Kiss Somebody Else
4. Achin’
5. Wounded
6. Memories
7. Southern Girl
8. Devil’s Gonna Drag You Down
9. For Love
10. I Met Your Girlfriend Today (Make A Move)
11. Goodbye, Romeo

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