Kendra Springer’s Hope is a 12-track album featuring instrumental piano tracks composed and performed by Kendra. Her lyrical piano music speaks for itself, even if it does not include any words.

As you listen to her album, you would certainly feel and hear that her music really comes from the heart – absolutely enough to lift your spirits and heighten your hopes.


Kendra grew up listening to her dad’s favorite music, from classical music like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, to other easy listening artists such as Jim Brickman and Kenny G. Surely, you would hear that she, too, has the potential to touch people’s hearts just by playing the piano.

She considers Jim Brickman as her greatest influence as a solo pianist, as she still listens and loves Brickman’s music. Aside from Brickman, Kendra has also been influenced by David Foster and Walter Afanasieff, song producers and composers for some of the most known and successful music artists today.

Another pianist whom she loves is the Greek Yanni, who was introduced to her by her grandfather.

Kendra started to play the piano when she was 12 and moved on to play in the church. It’s quite a surprise to know that she is completely self-taught, with a lot of informative music courses all read on her own.

On the other hand, Hope really shows how talented Kendra is. She arranged and wrote all of her music, with the exception of Summer in My Soul which is written by Roy Dale Golden, and the traditional tango Sus Ojos Se Cerraron. She also has one track with lyrics, With You, also written by this talented young lady.

We guess piano playing is easy for her because of her love for music. And it’s definitely a blessing that she shares her music to her listeners all over the world for free.

She currently lives in south Texas with her beloved family.

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