Coco Ice Princess from TabTale is a fashion app that gives you the opportunity to be the new stylist at the Enchanted Frozen Palace. To be the top royal stylist however, you need to make sure that the Coco Princess is decked in the best winter outfits, and you must make sure that she’s all prepped up for the Royal Ice Ball. This is essentially a fashion app / game combo, and it’s a good one.

One of the nice things about the game is you can personalize the princess and choose from a large number of accessories and royal dresses, so it doesn’t get old. You also have the option to choose her skin tone and hair color, visit the Royal Ice Spa and give the princess professional quality makeup.

The gameplay is very smooth, and the color scheme is light with plenty of pinks, blues and whites, suitable for the winter atmosphere. As pointed out above, there are plenty of accessories and outfits to choose from and, you can customize not just the hair and skin but also the lips and eyes. In other words, you can make the princess truly your own and stand out from the rest.

Once your princess is ready you can take her photo, and you can move and rotate Coco easily. There are IAPs here, but you can disable them in your mobile’s settings, and they’re not really necessary to enjoy the game. If you’re into fashion apps and want to another one to your collection, Coco Ice Princess is worth a download.

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