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Sing! Karaoke, an app from Smule, is here to help you to sing like you never had a chance to before, all while having entire world participating. In essence, Sing! Karaoke is a party app that lets you get a little crazy, and it’s a lot of fun to use. There are also plenty of songs available, and your friends can join and post comments at any time.

Sing! is very easy to understand. Once the app is installed, you’ll see cues and lyrics of songs appear so you can start your sing along. The music, minus the vocals, will play so you can sing clearly and, if you desire, record your vocals and implement some great effects for some added fun. In addition, you can share what you recorded on Facebook.

The app also has a score system that will tell you how well you are singing and if you are on pitch. That’s a nice feature and really helps. But Sing! can do a lot more as you can sing with a group or duet. This is a great feature if you love to sing along with friends, and for that alone is worth a download.

The application also comes with global view that will tell you what tracks have been uploaded by other users from around the world. Using this feature you can listen to tunes from different parts around the world by just tapping an image of the singer. After that, you just wait for the song to load.

Aside from that, Sing! allows you to see what songs are the most popular, the newest uploads and more. It’s also good to know that recording is easy as well. If you love to sing on karaoke, this is worth a look.

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