The number of beauty and hairstyle apps available for the iOS continues to increase, and one of the more interesting ones to come out lately is Hair Color Booth from Bluebear Technologies. If you’ve ever wanted to try out different hair colors but didn’t want to mess around with the actual application, this is something you could find useful and fun.

If you have played around with other hairstyle and hair color apps before it shouldn’t be hard to figure this one out. Basically you just choose an image of yourself and let the app do the work. There’s a color palette, and you just need to tap the brush icon and apply the color.

You can apply just one color or use different hues for various sections of your hair. You can fully customize the look of your hair, and as the images here show, the colors are realistic and would really give you an idea of what you would like. Once you’re done coloring, you can save the image and share it on Twitter and Facebook.

hair color screenshot

Color application is just all taps and swipes, and you can zoom in to add more details. There’s also a sliding tab selector so you can choose from a number of hair color options, and you can add as many streaks as you want. If you’re just doodling around, Hair Color Booth will do just fine, but if you want to do some serious tinkering, use the color strength tools to adjust the transparency and the smoothness.

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