Vidgets by Less Code is an all around widget manager. Widgets are designed to make things easier for you, but sometimes there are so many it becomes cumbersome to use. With Vidgets you no longer have to search your mobile phone for that particular function, and with its numerous features there is less need to get more widgets.

Vidgets comes with more than 50 widgets. When you download and launch the app, you can add any of these widgets to your notifications and avail of their features. If the built in widgets are not enough, the app lets you create your own. It supports more than 50,000 apps.

All it takes is just one tap to choose the widgets that you want to display. Once you have made your selection, the widgets show up on the notifications center of your mobile. This makes it more convenient than launching a full app.

There are widgets for a host of different functions. Just launch the app and tap the plus icon to add one of these as a widget. If you want to change the widget name or other properties, tap the widget. It also just takes a couple of taps to remove one.

Vidgets is 100% free and it does not even have ads. As for the built in widgets they include clocks, app launchers, email, message, GPS, quick bookmark, compass, timer, weather, measurement system and more.

Any way you look at it, Vidgets is a very useful app that has a lot of features. If you want to increase productivity this is one app that can give you a hand.

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