Farmville 2: Country Escape from Zynga is the sequel to the original hit, and this time the game has been improved with better graphics, sounds and more exciting gameplay. If you loved the original, then you’ll enjoy this one as well. And even if you haven’t played the original, you’ll enjoy this one too.

Farmville 2 once again gives you the chance to be like a farmer but without getting your hands dirty. In the first game you needed to spend a lot of time on Facebook getting your friends to help you with items and resources. However, the mobile version is different as you can now play offline, a good option for those who are tired of having to rely on friends all the time for the simplest tasks.

Another nice feature in Farmville 2 is you can upload when it is most suitable for you. However, timers are still built in to ensure the game doesn’t become too easy. With Farmville 2, it doesn’t take a long time to plant a new crop, but for the rest you need to be patient and wait, just like a real farmer.

In addition Farmville 2 will also have you taking part in different quests that will increase your experience. You can use IAPs to speed things up, but they’re not necessary because if you play the game consistently enough you will be rewarded. Farmville 2, when everything is considered, is more social than its predecessor. Aside from the immersive gameplay, you can also buy and sell items to other players or the AI.

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