ARK: Survival Evolved from Studio Wildcard puts you on a mysterious island full of dinosaurs, and your goal is to survive. And the only way to do this is to use your skills to craft tools and find items you will need. From starting a campfire to hunting and cooking and finding other survivors on the island, there is plenty here to enjoy.

You may choose to join other survivors and hunt some dinosaurs for food. You can also train a dinosaur to help you move around the island. More than 80 of these creatures are included and one of the highlights here is just taking stock of all of them.

It is best to start with the offline mode and explore the island as much as you can. You will uncover all kinds of objects including prehistoric tools, GPS devices and a mixture of ancient and modern gear. How is this possible? That is one of the many secrets you have to uncover on the island.

You tap the left to go forward. Dragging on the right side of the screen allows your character to look in different directions. A double tap allows you to interact with items and a swipe brings up the menu options.

Aside from exploring there is the major story arc where you have to beat various creatures. In online mode, you can team up or compete with other players for control of the island resources. If you love island exploration, dinosaurs and have the patience to explore, ARK: Survival Evolved is for you.

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