Skylanders Lost Islands from Activision brings the popular Skylanders to the iOS, and while it is meant for kids there’s something here for adults as well. If you’re familiar with the Skylanders franchise you will enjoy it, and even if you’re not, it’s a good introduction.

Lost Islands is a resource management game that takes place on floating islands which is the residence of the Mabu race. The islands have been neglected, and your job is to clear up the area, find and manage resources and construct homes for them. As you go about this, the Skylanders guard the islands from sheep and trolls while gathering resources and money.

You start with one character, Spyro the dragon, but the more you play the game the more chances you can roll for another Skylander. All the Skylanders level up simultaneously, and if you have Skylander toys you can input the web code packed with your toy and make it part of your island.

Even if you don’t have the toys you can still get those creatures in the game by buying them with gems or the game’s hard currency, and there’s plenty of backstory for each one as well. Being a resource management game, Lost Islands focuses on city building, but unlike similar games on mobile, there’s very little waiting time and plenty of things to do.

Skylanders: Lost Islands requires you to build stuff, clear areas away and gather items to harvest, and you also need to get some gold to expand your domain. In other words, this is a fine addition to the Skylanders franchise and is a lot of fun.

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