Vuelo is the Spanish word for flight, and that’s exactly what this album symbolizes for Boston-based Dominican-American producer and jazz pianist Kansado. He often likens this album to a ‘spiritual beat making journey’, and he invites us along through this four-part saga.


Formerly a part of the producer duo, Aeromatic, Jeffrey Cott became Kansado and made it a mission to not listen to any of the plethora of producers in the electronic scene for months as a way to draw out the authenticity within him. His flight has brought us pure, genuine Kansado: Hip-Hop grooves that are engrained in him, not just the next popular genre. Jazz samples and influences that have deep meaning to him, not just the next pop culture sample or meme.

All this along with skillful piano playing and music synthesis paints a vivid picture of the brilliant producer Kansado is. There’s no way to experience the journey other than listening to it for yourselves. So click the free download button and prepare for Vuelo.

Track List
1. Part 1: Departure
2. Part 2: Journey To The One
3. Part 3: Agua Del Paraiso
4. Part 4: Transformation (One for FlyLo)

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