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Timeline Eons is an educational app that offers you a graphical display of the history of the natural world. Going through history books can be a bit dull, but with this app by, things just got a bit more interesting. There’s a paid version available, but the free edition has more than enough features to satisfy history buffs.

Once you download the app you’ll see that it has a huge scrollable timeline spanning the years from the past and into the future. The timeline moreover, can be zoomed in to show dates quickly, a nice touch if you’re searching for particular events. The other thing going for Timeline Eons is that it covers a lot of ground, ranging from scientific discoveries to major historical events.


Aside from the timeline, the app also has several fun facts and trivia and you can browse over topics like art & architecture, sports, science and technology, world history, natural history and more. In addition, the inclusion of an RSS feed means the app receives new events automatically.

There are many other features that you can use, and there’s also a Today in History which tells what happened today. While there are a lot of features in the app, it’s actually easy to use. The timeline has been designed properly, and even if you haven’t tried this kind of app before, figuring it is straightforward.

In other words, if you enjoy history then you will enjoy this app. Even if you’re not much into history, this might just change your mind.

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