Brain Wars from Translimit is the kind of app that will keep your mind sharp. Even if you’re not a student, it pays to hone your brain. If you like brain teasers and some good challenges, then this will be just right for you. Instead of just solving puzzles, you’ll have to do it against other people around the globe.

Brain Wars consists of various challenges including puzzles, concentration games, memory games and others that will challenge and test your logic. There are for instance, matching games such as determining the order of bricks that have to light up, match operations and more.

All the games can be run with a single tap on your Android or iOS, and your performance is graded. You start with a “chicken” grade, and the more you win the higher your grade will be. Your rank will also go up as you win, but this won’t be easy as the challengers and the challengers will get harder.

Whatever your rank, it will be displayed on the leaderboard, and it’s a good indicator of how well you are doing. When you challenge someone, there are three games to choose from. Win or lose the game you lose a heart, but you can buy more with coins or just wait for the timer. You can buy IAPs to get more coins, but that isn’t necessary as you can just wait for the timer to let you play again.

As you play, Brain Wars develops your profile based on your performance. You will see a diagram depicting your speed, calculations, accuracy, observations, and ability to judge to determine how well you are improving.

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