Discover more amazing artists in Cult Classic Records new collection, Friends & Family III. The London-based label cooks up 22 pieces of fresh tunes that thrive within the circles of jazz, lounge, and hip hop. The artists that are featured here are not only those signed in CCR, but also close friends of the label as well.

Kicking off the album is an intro from Snow Fox Apprentice titled Gift of Nature. Staying true to its title, this four-minute piece embibes a surreal blend of forest sound and laid-back hip hop beats. Touches of piano on the background adds to the ethereal yet rhythmic vibe of the track.

Loop SnatchersWhat The Night Will Bring ft. Blu & Nieve follows with solid beats that thuds in between crisp rapping and lounge-saxophone infusions. The certain balance between street and lounge gives the listeners a pleasurable, energy-filled sonic experience.

Slow pieces that utilizes subtlety, such as Little Brothers by Lljones, are also featured in the set. One of the standout characteristics of this track is its control of flavor, creating lush, spacious melodies that are intertwined with familiar hip hop beats.


The outro, which is Siba pro‘s Last Romanticist, is a curious and beautiful thing. With soft layered vocals wrapped in eccentric instrumentation, the piece is like a lullabye that’s strange yet hypnotizing¬†at the same time.

Friends & Family III succeeds in featuring up-and-coming artists to the indie landscape. Collections like this only proves that music is growing, and there are a lot of good artists out there waiting to be heard.

Track List:
1. Snow Fox Apprentice – Gift of Nature [Intro]
2. Loop Snatchers – What The Night Will Bring ft. Blu & Nieve
3. Hy-Definition – Life is Good (SoulChef & K-Wiz)
4. Thomas Prime – Seven Dead Samurai (Co-Produced By P.R)
5. Nicholas Cheung – Immersion
6. Matt Blank & Thomas Prime – The Distance ft. Devan Marie
7. The Broken Orchestra – Take Back The Day ft. Inyang Bassey
8. TwoDaystoAlaska – Pegasus (Co-Produced By Thomas Prime)
9. Ljones – Little Brothers
10. Thomas Prime & McKinley Dixon – Days Like This ft. Guilty Simpson & Planet Asia
11. Kenjii & Joseph Jacobs – Fundamentals
12. Elemint – Uncanny Calling ft. MASA (prod. Brock Berrigan)
13. Dicap & Kameleon Beats – Until Then
14. Pe2ny – The Way Home
15. Kratos Himself – Mud Slap
16. Marti Ann – Orange Spray
17. NoMBe – Waves
18. Kondor – Closer
19. Helldogs Kris – Cycles
20. Moderator – Words Remain
21. SPIEDKIKS – Mos Eisley Cantina [B-Boy Version]
22. – Last Romanticist [Outro]

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