Craving for another spellbinding animation? Then push that play button and devour on the magnificent short, Kagemono: The Shadow Folk.

Created by Sabrina Cotugno as a fourth year project in the California Institute of the Arts , this 4-minuter film revolves around a little fox who goes hunting on the woods, without knowing what strange discoveries lay ahead.

One thing that makes this film standout is its classic, Ghibi-like visuals. It creates a nostalgic experience for those who grew up with old-school animation. I love how it’s packed with strange beings that deliver a subtle, fantasy world that’s easy to understand.

The narrative is also spot on; it has all the elements that you’d seek in a solid story. Cotugno’s idea of a shadow-eater is genuinely unique. The film clearly exalts the little fox’s uncanny experiences into a charming and thrilling adventure.

All in all, Kagemono: The Shadowfolk is a gorgeously animated short that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of sheer curiosity to a wonderful experience. Film lovers of any ages should not pass the opportunity to watch such a work of imagination.

Hands down, the creator has really made something special here as this short bursts a lot of talent, imagination, and creative mojo.

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