Glowbug’s Suit of Sword flawlessly runs like a river you wouldn’t even notice that you’re already half past the album.

Producing albums over albums of undeniably good music, Glowbug is an electronic/dance machine formed by Daniel Anderson on October 2010 while producing the EP Awful Scary, Yes Very for only three days. Other live members of the band include Christopher Newton, Brittany Hurley, and Hanna Adams.

After their phenomenal album Mr. Plastic, the band treats us again with Suit of Swords, a 14-track collection of freshly brewed beats.

Jumping atop playful electronic tunes, Heatwave is a garden of raw energy ready to burst. Rapid beats gives the listeners the urgency to stand-up, move, and run.

The Cockroach follows up with slower-phased melodies blended with Anderson’s ethereal vocals. Run Like Hell, on the other hand, welcomes the listener to a videogame sounding intro. The complex arrangement is perfectly contrasted with a delivery that takes its time to develop and belt-out in perfect harmonies.

An immediate favourite, New Vinyl is a goldmine of emotions that translates into rich chill waves. The way each tune smoothly drives and passes each other is just pleasant to the ears.

Magic If delves into a quirky, edgy and experimental approach as its drum-induced beats mashes with electronic tunes.

In tracks like Alive in the Back of Your Car, White Lies, and Young America, the tunes move in many ideas and instrumentation constituting an easy listenable whole.

The album comes to an end with You Are the Ace. Surprisingly, you can evidently hear acoustic guitar strings accompanied by echoing vocals. Like a lullaby, this ambient song slowly wraps the whole album with its caressing melodies.

All in all, Suit of Sword is a bundle of polished and chill-out tunes. These are the kinds of track that will sooth the soul and release some negativity to the listener. Glowbug has definitely outdid themselves, well done!

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