Camera360 Ultimate from PinGuo is a free photo app that’s been ranked number one in several countries, and for good reasons. Although Camera360 Ultimate is free, it’s got a lot of features that rival those of paid photo editing apps for the iOS and Android.

Once you download Camera360 Ultimate you’ll have access to hundreds of filters you can use to touch and edit photos including overlay, texture, tilt shift and many more. There are also modes for selfies, a filter camera, audio, video and more. Apart from over 200 free filters, you also get unlimited cloud album and near field transfer capability which makes photo sharing quick.

Camera360 Ultimate also has facial recognition technology built in, and there’s also thinning and skin smoothing effects as well. As you might expect, you can easily share photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Camera360 Ultimate moreover, has no ads.

The New User Center has also been simplified so you can share and transfer files quickly and also manage all your photos. There’s also a free Camera Store where you can adjust and add modes. These include photo ID camera, audio and color shift for full customizability.

Apart from giving you more than 200+ free effects, the photo album set up is very friendly, making it easy to search for specific photos. And if you’re searching for basic tools like crop, rotate, blur and adjust, they’re included here as well. Camera360 Ultimate is also updated frequently, and if you’re a previous user you’ll notice that the Cloud Service is faster and has support for upload syncing.

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