ClassDojo from Class Twist is a mobile class management app designed to help teachers improve classroom behavior. Whether you’re using Android or the iOS the app is pretty easy to set up and makes data sharing easy. You can quickly set up classes with avatars for each student and then you award dojos or points (positive or negative) according to their behavior.

ClassDojo also has a behavior preset list but you can easily add to these, and it’s compatible not just with mobile devices but desktops and laptops too. Positive and negative dojos each have a distinct sound so when a student clicks their avatar they’ll know immediately if they’ve gotten a positive or negative point.

As the video shows, ClassDojo is easy to learn and even teachers and students who aren’t tech savvy will have no problem mastering how it works. The app also tracks behaviors that have been clicked and you can prepare reports and email them to parents, handy for working out any problems, and you can set up an email reminder so they won’t forget to read the reports.

Reports are easy to set up and the range can be weekly or daily. Data is presented in donut form with the clicked behaviors shown in percentages. There’s a text version of reports available too and these can be combined for a yearly report. ClassDojo also has a Trendspotter feature that makes it easy to spot behavior trends in your students. If you notice for instance, that most negative points come during Fridays, you can look more deeply into the situation and figure out what’s wrong.

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