Google Classroom is an app that allows teachers to designate assignments and provide resources for students without the use of paper. With this app you can send links to websites and videos and post messages to students, and you can create and collect student assignments online, which makes it a convenient tool.

This app is compatible with Google Docs, and you can use that to create worksheets and put them in Classroom. You can then set up the app to come up with a unique version of each worksheet for each student. Students then use Docs and all the files can be stored on Google Drive for easy access.

When students are done they can use the Turn In option to submit their assignments, and teachers will be able to see all the assignments that have been submitted. Once all the assignments are there, the grading feature is activated and all data will be placed in a spreadsheet.

When you download Google Classroom and create a new class, a folder named “Classroom” is automatically created in Google Drive so all your docs are conveniently stored in one location. All assignments are given folders, and teachers have access to their students’ files, edit them if necessary, change the settings and so on.

If you’ve used other Google apps before, the interface will be familiar with very little learning curve required. And really, it makes sense to learn how to use Google Classroom because with it, the paperless classroom becomes a real, and the convenience of having all resources online is unparalleled.

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