FaceQ is an avatar creator for the IOS and Android. Rather than just using emoticons to express how you feel, you can create a custom avatar that shows what you’re doing and how you’re feeling as well. Aside from being free, the avatars you can create here are more detailed than regular smileys. The app was developed by Erick Kuo and Mantan Studios.

FaceQ has a lot of features but at its center is letting you create avatars. Unlike other apps that just provide you with images, FaceQ has a complete set of tools for customizing clothes, hair, facial features and accessories. The app even lets you use talk bubbles and choose backgrounds for your avatar.

After you’ve created your avatar, you can use the app’s predefined set of expressions to express emotions for the avatar you just made. The emotions range from the funny to happy to everything in between. But what really makes this effective is no matter what expression you use, your original image remains intact.

The avatar you create can be shared on your favorite messaging apps as well as social networks like Facebook. All you need to do is press the “share” button and a list of all supported social networks and messaging apps appears. What’s more, all these features are available without any in-app purchases required.

Apart from being free, FaceQ is also updated frequently, with new features and options added constantly. If you’re the type who likes to customize their avatar when chatting online, then FaceQ is definitely something you’ll want to try.

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