Insta3D by Speed 3D allows you to turn selfies into animated cartoon avatars of yourself, so if you’ve ever wanted to have a cartoony avatar, this free app is what you’re looking for. While this isn’t the first avatar creator for the iOS and Android, there are features here worth checking out.

You start by taking a selfie or choose one from your library if there are any. Regardless which picture you choose, make sure that it is a face shot, otherwise the image won’t come out right. After you chose a picture, just add the features you want to the avatar, and this is where Insta3D really shines.

You can change the clothing, the skin tone, put on different types of hats and even make the image dance. The app also lets you add unique backgrounds, although if your avatar is busy it’s best to keep the backdrop simple. By the way, you can choose which picture from your own collection to use as background, adding another level of customization not found in other avatar creator apps.

Insta3D allows you to share the avatar with family and friends too. If you want to make plenty of avatars, it’s easy because the options for taking avatar photos and editing them are both at the bottom of your screen. The interface is unique and clean, and you’re not likely to run into any glitches when using it either.

The bottom line: if you’re into creating custom avatars you won’t be disappointed with this. There are IAPs here, but you can still use this free version to create something cool.

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