Google2SRT by Komz is a free utility that lets you download, keep and convert several subtitles off Google Video and YouTube into SubRip (.srt) format. SRT is a format that majority of media players recognize, so if you play and edit videos a lot this tool will be very convenient.

Using Google2SRT could not be any simpler; just download and install the application, add the URL of the video and let Google2SRT do all the work. Since the program does the conversion automatically there’s not a lot of input required from the user. With this application you can download closed captions (CC), subtitle translations, ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) subtitles as well as their translations.

And the nice thing about Google2SRT is that it can download several translations at the same time, so you don’t have to wait for one download to finish. Once the files have been downloaded, these are converted to SRT and can be used by most media players.

As anyone who’s tried to use YouTube subtitles before, it’s very difficult to download since they are in Google’s own format. Now with Google2SRT you can save them in SRT and from there you can convert it to SUB (MicroDVD) or SSA (SubStation Alpha) using free applications on the web.

In other words, this is a very useful application if you edit video subtitles a lot, and it’s easy too. It also works on Mac, Windows and Linux, so that’s another plus.

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