Storage Cleaner is a free app that does exactly that, clear up space on your Windows Phone. Developed by Venz, it’s something you will really find useful particularly if you’re the type who installs a lot of apps. While it’s not the flashiest storage cleaner for Windows Phone, it does the job.

Essentially what this app does is free up storage space being utilized by other apps and files. Windows Phone has plenty of free room, but if you install a lot of apps then it will run out eventually. If space is running low, a message will pop up informing you this. No matter what version of Widows mobile you’re running, it’s important you don’t let the space get too low otherwise it will slow down.


The usual way to free up space is to go to the Settings and go to phone storage and delete the files. But it’s hard to determine which ones to delete, and removing the wrong files could cause problems later.

With Storage Cleaner the process just got easier. All you need to do is install the app, which is a straightforward process, and launch it. Once the app has started, you just need to click “begin” to commence the cleanup process. At the top you’ll see the amount of space left and below, how many you will have after the cleaning process.

Under that is a notification of how much space temporary files are taking up and the option to delete them. All in all, a simple but very handy app.

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