Sharing photos across different mobile devices is often tedious. Often you need Bluetooth or open an email app just to send an image and the results are not reliable. Now with FotoSwipe the process has been simplified. With the app it is easier than ever to send photos even if your recipient uses a different OS from yours.

For FotoSwipe to work the app must be installed in both devices and opened. Now all you have to do is open the app in both mobile devices and swipe the image. Got a picture of you surfing Hawaii on your Android? Launch FotoSwipe, swipe the scree and the image appears on the recipient phone.

All FotoSwipe needs is access to your location and Internet connection. There is no need to open an account on FotoSwipe or provide contact info on the recipient smartphone. Just swipe the screen and the image is uploaded to the FotoSwipe cloud server and downloaded to the other smartphone.

The transfer of photos takes less than 1 second, though it may be longer depending on the quality of your Internet connection. The default setting compresses the image, but there is an option to send the images without compression. You can also change the settings to use either Wi-Fi or your data plan.

FotoSwipe has a simple interface but it works. If you have difficulty sending images over smartphones that use different OS, you can use this app instead. Simple, quick and efficient, FotoSwipe will copy those images fast.

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