History fan? This game is made just for you! And no, it’s not another one of those boring trivia games that gets old after the first five questions. This is a nicely done jewel matching game set in a very engaging historical environment. History buff or not, this free to play game has something cool and unique to offer.

With stunning visuals and a plot worth remembering, Lost Treasures of El Dorado is indeed quite a treasure.

Addicting Matching Gameplay
Forget about turning over tiles or manually clicking two boxes in order to match. This completely free to download and free to play game makes use of fast-paced matching which will keep you hooked on hours and hours on end. The standard matching gameplay is still applied here but instead of just clicking tiles, you get to click and drag among similar-looking figures. When you release the mouse button, everything that you have linked disappears, giving you a hefty score. Basically, the whole concept is this: the longer the links, the longer the chain; the longer the chain, the bigger the score. You will find yourself automatically scanning the board and seeing very obvious patterns. Releasing the mouse button after making such a long link will be extremely satisfying.

This game is as casual as casual games go. You can sit down, put it on and start clicking away. Before you know it, you have successfully killed more than 3 hours just sitting down and helping Professor Jack locate his long lost love and uncover the hidden treasures in El Dorado along the way.

lost treasures of el dorado screenshot

Story in a Journal
Clicking and matching tiles will of course have a grand purpose in the end. In this game you play as Professor Jack who is looking for Alicia. After every level, you will be given a visual treat in the form of a comic. Because of your efforts, you will be able to uncover the mysteries and learn more about your character and purpose in this game. The maps and levels are laid out in the form of an impressive looking journal. Inside the journal, you will find the places you have to visit and the areas you have to unlock.

The challenge of this game rests on the different tile pieces themselves. There are different types of tiles that can influence your link-building strategies and as the game progresses and as you get better at it, more challenges and obstacles will be given to you. Lost Treasures of El Dorado is just a simple matching game. However, it is a simple matching game that will be very difficult to put down.

lost treasures of el dorado journal

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista
CPU: Pentium III 600 Mhz
128 MB RAM
DirectX 7

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