Clickberry Interactive Editor is a unique video editor that allows you to create interactive videos for Facebook, and extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox are available. In short, you just find the video, add an interactive feature, highlight it and upload to Facebook.

What this app / add on lets you do is annotate, draw and add hyperlinks to the video, and once you’ve installed it on Firefox or Chrome, you’ll see that it’s easy to integrate editing along with photos. The interface for Clickberry is also very simple as it’s just a matter of drag and drop.

What’s really nice about Clickberry is it allows you to share only parts of the video, not the whole thing. After the plugin is installed, just go to YouTube and look for the Clickberry snap button (it’s green on Chrome). The app will launch where you can start editing. Now you just snap that part of the video, save it as a bookmark or share it to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. By default, the snap is visible, but you can change it in the settings.

Once you create an account at the official Clickberry website, you’ll gain access to all the snaps you created. The extensions for Chrome and Firefox work pretty much the same way: just activate the extension with a click and from there you can highlight specific parts of a video. There aren’t a lot of editors like these, and if you like share videos with friends, you’ll find this handy.

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