Brushes 3 is an open source painting and drawing for the iOS. Developed by Taptrix Inc., it comes with a plethora of painting tools, and you can move between your mobile devices and keep painting. What makes Brushes different from others is that it uses a sophisticated OpenGL engine that makes it more responsive than other devices.

Brushes isn’t just responsive, but it also runs smoothly even if you use one of the big brushes provided here. You can easily make quick sketches here, but if you feel like drawing a masterpiece, you can do so since it supports drawings up to 2048 x 2048, something other applications cannot support.


Quality of the painting is crucial, so it is good that Brushes has support for Retina, ensuring top notch display, and there’s a useful auto save feature so you don’t end up losing your work if you accidently shut the program. There’s also unlimited undo and redo so you can edit your work as often as you like.

Brushes also provides support for painting in full screen, and you can record and replay your paintings too. The brushes, as noted earlier, are varied and can reach sizes of up to 512 x 512 pixels. Brushes 3 also simulates pressure and can handle 64 bit painting. As far as customization goes, there are 14 parameter brush shapes to choose from, and you can adjust the scatter, jitter, spacing and so on. The features list just goes on and on, as the opacity can be adjusted, colors inverted and yes, there’s support for up to 10 layers.

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