The Soft Pink Truth is the solo alter-ego of Drew Daniel, one-half of the acclaimed electronica duo Matmos. The moniker came to life in 2001 when UK producer and a friend of Daniel’s, Matthew Herbert, challenged him to “make a house record”, to which his response was his solo debut album Do You Party? While Daniel continues to work as a member of Matmos, The Soft Pink Truth has become an outlet for his playful, more light-hearted musical pursuits.

Why Pay More?, the latest offering from The Soft Pink Truth, is a collection of dance tracks featuring samples from random YouTube videos. The record is meant to be a tribute to the power and ubiquity of the video-sharing website as much as it is meant for the dancefloor. Sounds like screeching tires and drunken monologues weave together with Daniel’s wall of warped synths and drum-machines to create a unique, jagged texture. Its a strange, often eerie, experience hearing the memories of strangers set against the glitchy, upbeat dance music, and yet this eeriness makes Why Pay More? all the more compelling. The title track strings a melody from bursts of blaring game-show music over a bouncy acid groove, while Fire Island of the Mind begins with a minimal bass-line and gradually evolves into a raucous club-banger. What’s a Computer, meanwhile, is the album’s catchiest offering, featuring a funky, futuristic rhythm pattern.

Favorite Tracks: What’s A Computer, Are You Looking, Why Pay More, I Love Your Ass.

Track List
1. Are You Looking? 05:16
2. Acapella 05:08
3. Awesome 02:55
4. Party Pills 05:45
5. Why Pay More? 04:20
6. What’s A Computer? 05:10
7. I Love Your Ass 05:09
8. Fire Island of the Mind 06:41

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