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OpenTeacher is an open source application that makes it easier to learn a new language. Basically what the application does is allow you to produce tests that will help you master your foreign language skills, and while similar programs do exist, OpenTeacher is entirely free.

The OpenTeacher interface is streamlined, which is how it should be, making the process of creating a database of pre-defined words easy. These lists have translations in another language, which is a good way to test your skills. All the lists you create work with Windows, Mac and Linux and they can be loaded and saved quickly.

To start you provide a list title, a question language (that’s your native language) and the answer language (the one you want to learn or improve on). Once you’re done, you can make the word list by providing a word and the translation.

SE screenshot

So if you’re studying Spanish, it would look something like one=uno, two=dos, three=tres and so on. Once you’ve created a list press enter. To test yourself, go to the Teach Me tab and enter words and their correct translation and OpenTeacher will let you know if you’re correct. At the end of the test you’ll be given a score, and you can view the right answer as well.

If you’re learning a new language or want to expand your knowledge of it, then OpenTeacher will definitely be a useful application. It does what it should and it’s free, so what’s not to like?

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