Educreations Interactive Whiteboard is an app that lets you annotate, narrate and animate practically any content you have in mind. Created by Educreations, you can use it to make tutorial videos and share it with other teachers or students. It can also be used by students to show their teachers their work.

When you create an Educreations account, you’ll be able to store them there and access it whenever and wherever you need it. You also have full control over who sees the content. The app was fully designed with virtual classrooms in mind and you can sync the lessons between your mobile device and those of your students.

The lessons you create on Educreations Interactive Whiteboard can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, messages or links. You can also embed the content in your website or blog, very convenient. With the app, it’s easy to provide extra instructions in your students outside the classroom.


Educreations Interactive Whiteboard also gives students the ability to control the learning pace, and there’s video and audio feedback support built in. As a teacher, it offers you the opportunity to gauge a student’s ability to comprehend. In addition, the app records and replays your voice, can import and snap photos and put them in Google Drive, the web or Dropbox.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard also lets you draw with a full color set, and tapping and dragging as you record will animate text and images. If you’re an educator, this is an app you’ll want to try out.

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