is a music video app that allows you to create lip sync videos. Developed by Jun Zhu, it’s for those of us who can’t carry a tune but love to sing anyway as lip syncing is as easy as it gets with the app: just choose a song and start lip syncing that’s it, but there are a few other options here you can check out. lets you create instant videos from parts of the song you decide to lip sync to, and there are several voiceover effects available to give your lip syncing a twist. After you install the app, you can record several clips and join them together, or create jump cuts to transition from video to another.

musicaly screenshot

You can take a video of yourself lip syncing on the app or import one. Either way the effects to spruce up your rendition are awaiting. You can shoot the video in Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast or Time Lapse mode to get different results. The finished product sounds good as is, but you can edit these and use the reverse mode to give the song a unique sound.

If there’s a moment in the video you want to repeat, use the Time Trap option, and if you want to speed or slow things down, tap the Relativity option and adjust the settings there. The app naturally, is meant for sharing, so you can engage in contests and challenges or just show off to your friends. Any way you look at it, is a fun little app that you can enjoy, easy, fun and good for more than a few laughs.

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